Fathed’s Guide to a smaller Fathed.

For those of you who haven’t seen the physical form of the Fathed, he’s a bit smaller than you may have previously seen. I have since put some of the weight back on. Some intentionally, some unintentionally. At my lowest I was down to 183 pounds. I felt I was getting too skinny, without getting lean. If that makes any sense. (Then there was the holidays.) I had a bunch of people ask me what I did, so I figure I’d do a brief write-up.

The diet it plan I followed was what was called “Carb Nite” by a guy named Kiefer. Essentially you eat a keto diet for 6 and 1/2 days of the week, then eat a bunch of carbs on one night of the week. The idea is that the carbs keep certain hormone such as leptin and stuff in check, while keeping insulin down for most of the week. It’s probably somewhat pseudoscience, but it is roughly the basic framework that bodybuilders have been cutting with forever.

As for specifics, I don’t know what to say. I ate fat, and a lot of it over the week. My meals included basically meat, green veggies, and some more added fat. I added melted butter to my green veggies. I cooked my eggs in bacon fat. I even drank heavy cream straight from the container because I’m a lazy prick like that.

I logged everything I ate because I’m a nerd like that. I wanted all data points to detect any possible patterns and problems that may pop up. It also makes me feel like a scientist experimenting on himself. I never cared about specific daily calories, just a weekly total. I aimed for about 15000 calories in any given week. Once you body gets used to the keto thing, your hunger seems to drop. There were days that I only logged 1000 calories and genuinely didn’t feel hungry. The fun parts were the Saturday nights. I literally ate whatever I wanted. One week I had a 4000 calorie window for my carb nite, so I ate a whole pepperoni pizza and an entire box of donuts….lol

The results, well….


I quit logging weight because I was getting lazy in the end and not logging daily. Hence the sporadicness towards the end.

Start: 208

Total loss: 25 lbs

Fat loss (according to cheap calipers that came free as a gift for ordering more than $100 from bodybuilding.com): 14 lbs

Added bonus, both my resting pulse rate and blood pressure reduced slightly. Not bad for a person who normally abuses the shit out of his body.

I didn’t take pictures because I don’t take or like pictures. So don’t ask.

Now that it’s several months from that experiment, I’m about to start again. This time with no carb nites, just straight up keto. I signed up for the 100 day keto challenge on Reddit. For me it’s not that bad because I love meat and bacon more that cookies and candy.

My one regret is no resistance training. I would love to know if I could have spared more lean mass if I included weight lifting. THe problem is that Fond du Lac gyms all suck. I hate people. And the one gym I liked closed. Probably for the reason I liked it. I could go in and there would be no one watching or bothering me. But for now I’ll just stick to casually wandering around for an hour or so, late at night, like a creepy asshole, as my sole exercise.

But I guess this time I do get to see if removing or including the carb nite has any effect on my own body specifically in terms of sparing lean mass. Bear in mind that although roughly 40% of the weight loss previously was lean mass, at least 5-7 lbs of that were most likely water.




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