Welcome to Fathed Speaks

So I finally just started a blog for my weird ramblings. This way I can take up less of your valuable Facebook space and just provide links if I even write something new. Plus as an added bonus I can now add link, pictures, etc…. I make no guarantees on how much content I will provide. The odds are also it probably won’t ever be safe for work, so I am warning you now.

Over the years of my weird writings I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I have sort of created a alter-ego if you will. There is Justin and there is Fathed. Justin is Peter Parker. Those few who have ever actually gotten close to him know that he is who Justin really is. Justin is sweet, cares about other people, and generally wants everyone to be happy. He just really wants nothing more than for someone to just sit there and listen to him ramble for hours about physics, philosophy, human psychology, Ancient Greece, etc… But he is is also extremely socially awkward, so he just tends to stick to himself. Thus very few actually really know Justin. If you asked Justin who his hero is, he would say Neil deGrasse Tyson.

But over the years a lot of anger has built up inside of him. Whether it was from constantly being the butt of everyone’s jokes, or watching human beings constantly act like like despicable animals, or constantly having to listen to people talk about celebrity gossip as if it was relevant. If you take that and mix it with years of social isolation you get something new. Thus Fathed was born. Fathed is sort of Justin’s internet tough guy persona. Fathed is loud, cynical, and has an ego the size of Texas. Fathed likes to think he is some great combination of Dr. House and George Carlin, but is really just a class clown telling dick and fart jokes. Without a doubt, if you asked Fathed who his hero would be, he would answer Christopher Hitchens.

There are quite obviously still parts of Justin in Fathed, but he is still a somewhat separate entity.

So, since I created an alter-ego like some WWE wrestler, it is only fitting that I give myself some entrance music. Since metal is without a doubt the superior musical genre, it must be a metal song. What can be more metal than a bunch of grimy longhaired Swedes, with a name straight out of Middle Earth, writing songs about Vikings and Norse mythology? If Plato were alive today, he would agree that to have any knowledge of what it means to be metal you would have to understand what makes Amon Amarth metal. (If you actually get this joke I love you) So from now on, whenever you enter my blog or see me enter a room, pretend this song is playing in the background….lol

I already have the idea for my first real post. Expect it soon



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